Everything I Know I Felt

Everything I Know I Felt is an experiential exhibition exploring the diverse emotional experiences of womxn. Celebrating big feelings in all their messy, multifaceted glory, the work embraces emotional intelligence and questions the societal value of vulnerability.

The exhibition provides a visually stimulating, tactile and empowering space for response, reflection and connection, including interactive installations, community projects, film, photography, performance, painting and poetry.

Comprised of new commissions and collaborations, the curation echoes the collective’s ethos to platform local talent, showcasing work from Manchester’s creative community, exhibiting at The Lowry for the first time.

Alongside the exhibition is a programme of events from parties, panels and performances to drink and draws, destruction, debates and a teen takeover.

The Edits series is an artist led commissioning series from The Lowry, giving artists and performers a space to develop previously unexplored ideas in a gallery setting. This exhibition was commissioned by The Lowry’s Edits programme and is supported by project funding from Arts Council England.





Red Tent Stories – How does it feel to wear red?

Natalie Linney & Tasha Whittle / 2020

Red Tent Stories is a collaboration to collect conversations, stories and anecdotes about womxnhood that can be told anonymously. The movement originated from menstrual huts where womxn would go to bleed directly onto the earth. Since then Red Tents have been reimagined in different ways for generations. 

This installation space takes the shape and form similar to a polytunnel where plants are incubated and grown. It is a place for tending to thoughts, ideas & nurturing the self.

The tunnel shape also mimics the cervical canal, encouraging a flow of energy when passing through from one point to the next. It is a multipurpose space for shelter, comfort, contemplation as well as discussion, activation and realisation. A non-judgemental space to generate womxn led conversations about what it means to be a womxn past, present & future.

Linney and Whittle have created a physical safe space inspired from the stories of the Girl Gang community to the question: How does it feel to wear red?  The responses have been hand embroidered rawly into the clothing on the exterior of the tent.

They have also reimagined ‘Mary’s Room’ as a monochromed insular study space inspired by Keisha Thompson’s hidden poems. 



Mary Sees Red / Keisha Thompson / 2020

Mary Sees Red is an interpretation of Frank Jackson’s Knowledge Argument. It is a meditation on the knowledge that can only be gained via experience or as some may call it – qualia. 

In a series of found poems, Keisha, will explore the female experience through the lens of redness. These poems can be enjoyed lyrically, visually and sonically in a hope to create a sensory poetic experience. 

In essence it’s a red-soaked ode to Mary. You’re invited to interact by writing your own found poetry using the Mary Sees Red anecdote. Enjoy.



Girl Gang Manchester

Girl Gang Manchester is a collective of artists, activists, academics and party instigators. They produce accessible, fun and meaningful projects that bring people together to connect over debates, discussions and dance floors, celebrating creativity as a powerful tool to reflect and recharge.
Girl Gang believe in celebrating your passions and voicing your opinions,
that everyone is an artist, popular culture can be profound and politics and feminism are for everybody.