Who’s That Girl?

November saw us take on another group project as the Salford Makers designing and making conceptual products for EST1761 with our project Who’s That Girl?

We each looked into stories of hidden women in the history of the Bridgewater Canal and then realised them in the form of a limited edition, exclusive product range which was launched and available to purchase from Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

My part in the commission was to look at women’s flower parties which were a guise for working women to get together with their friends and have a drink as they had been banned from drinking in pubs.  I worked with lead artist Sally Gilford to create silk scarves dyed with sorghum, a plant that as well as being used to create alcoholic drinks also yields a beautiful copper colour when used to dye fabrics. We then screen printed the scarves with images of other plants used in alcohol production.

Working in a way where we can gather historical information and use it to create a body of work was completely amazing, and a fascinating way to look at product design.

EST176 / Salford Makers / Sally Gilford