Open Maker

2018 saw the start of our first group commissions as Salford Makers.

Lead by the wonderful textile artist Sally Gilford we set out cross collaborating and creating fantastic new work. With each of our separate commissions being designed to the same brief, our work all complimented each other beautifully but still allowing each of us to show our own individual styles. The work created was made to be sold in our Salford Makers shop that opened November 2018 through to January 2019.

Below are the different fabrics designs created by myself and Cheryl O’Meara, a fantastic textile surface designer and owner of  The Archive which is a collection of over 50,000 antique wallpaper and fabrics.  Links to the artists mentioned work are below. This was the first opportunity I have had to translate my natural prints into digital pattern designs. We scanned in different parts of my textile prints and manipulated them into repeat patterns and different colour ways. It was a great experience for me to see what different ways I can push my work, and how to translate something very unique into digital designs.

Sally Gilford

Print Pattern Archive

Salford Makers